Llantwit Major

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The Celtic cross and inscribed stones at Llantwit Major are one of the most significant collections in Britain. You can visit and see them.

The 9th century Houelt Cross is a magnificent example of a Celtic wheel cross in Llantwit

The Museum of Celtic Stones is housed in the Galilee Chapel at the church of St Illtud in the town. In the church you can see 13th century wall paintings.

Llantwit Major was the site of Britain’s first recorded centre of learning. The influential teaching and life of Illtud, who ministered here 1500 years ago, is still felt here today, down the centuries.

The name of Illtud can still be seen today on this Celtic stone at Llantwit Major

Llantwit Major is home to the Landscapes of Faith project which is based at the New Library, just up the road from St Illtud’s church: The New Library

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