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Find all the ongoing festival news, routes and activity here:  https://www.landscapesoffaith.org/landscapes-of-faith-festival/

The Landscapes of Faith festival has been running every day through June 2021 across South Wales and will continue through the summer and autumn…

Our hills, valleys and coastal plains are teeming with a rich heritage of faith, yet many of the stories, heritage, sites and legends are lost or hidden.

The Landscapes of Faith festival is a community treasure hunt to celebrate our world faith traditions in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism and the prehistoric sites in South Wales.

All the activity is Covid-19 safe.

We’re discovering and sharing the treasure with you, in your area or community. We’re happy to come on walks, hold conversations, take part in concerts, drop-in sessions, attend schools and events.

Get involved! Suggest more places to explore, stories untold, people forgotten…

The project is run by the cultural facilitation company Coleridge in Wales Ltd. The organisation was founded by the singer Richard Parry and they have a lot of experience in organising community led events and projects in Wales including the 80 day Coleridge in Wales Festival in 2016 and producing the opening show Carnifal y Môr for the National Eisteddfod’s visit to Cardiff in 2018. http://www.worldclassfacilitation.org

See the latest festival news, routes and activity here:  https://www.landscapesoffaith.org/landscapes-of-faith-festival/

Contact us at: [email protected]

Join the journey…

What are the treasures in the landscape of faith near you?

The project is an inter-faith community treasure hunt. Tell us about the stories, people and heritage in your area, and we’ll explore and celebrate it with you.

We’re launching soon a new website here for international visitors and local communities with a great interactive map so everyone can explore and enjoy the amazing and diverse landscapes of faith in South Wales.

We’re inviting you as individuals, communities, groups, schools, villages, organisations and Local Authorities to get involved and join the treasure hunt.

Find all the latest festival news, routes and activity here:  https://www.landscapesoffaith.org/landscapes-of-faith-festival/


Coleridge in Wales Ltd are in partnership on this project with the Diocese of Llandaff

This project has received funding via the Tourism Product Innovation Fund (TPIF) and supported through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and the Welsh Government, the Fund aims to encourage new innovative product ideas working in partnership which will have a greater impact and attract more visitors.

The Landscapes of Faith project is delight to have received funding from Allchurches Trust and the The Moondance Foundation.

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