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Who’s making this this project happen?

The project is run by the cultural facilitation organisation Coleridge in Wales Ltd. Coleridge in Wales was founded by the singer Richard Parry and they have considerable experience organising community led events and projects in Wales, including the 80 day Coleridge in Wales Festival in 2016, and producing the opening show Carnifal y Môr for the National Eisteddfod’s visit to Cardiff in 2018. Coleridge in Wales are working in partnership with the Diocese of Llandaff in South Wales to make an invitation to all communities to join in the all communities to join in the discovery of the landscapes of faith.

How does Covid-19 affect the festival journeys?

All our work is planned to be Covid-19 safe. The project and journeys should have happened last year but the pandemic prevented this. We would have LOVED to have all the journeys as public events, and be able to invite you to come along and join all the visits, but we are not in a position to be running public events yet as the culture emerges from the lockdowns and restrictions. So all our activity is visiting you outdoors, in the places where you live and work, celebrating safely the stories, places and heritage in your doorstep and your involvement with it. 

How is the project funded?

This project is supported by the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme through Visit Wales, and with a grants from the Allchurches Trust and the Moondance Foundation.

What will happen?

We’re taking to the road on a community treasure hunt to uncover and celebrate the landscapes of faith, and in 2023 we’ll launch a new website for international visitors and local communities so that everyone can explore and discover the amazing heritage that surrounds us.

Is it just South Wales?

We’re starting here in South Wales, and if you live in South Wales we’d love you to follow the project and get involved. But the rest of Wales also holds wonderful and vitally important treasures in the landscape of faith and we’re hoping to conduct more community treasure hunts soon, in Wales and around the world.

Do we pay to be involved?

No. It doesn’t cost anything to be involved. Most activity, walks, drop-in sessions, explorations will be free. There may be occasional concerts with small admission charges for tickets but they will be low-cost and accessible. The idea is to involve as many people as possible – there is no charge for most activity.

Can we suggest our event?

Yes! We’d love you to hold some sort of walk, concert, meeting, activity that celebrates you local landscape of faith. We’ll come along, tell you about the project, listen and learn and help to build your local landscape into the treasure hunt, so that other people can come to where you live and discover it.

How can I contact you?

Drop us a line on the contact form here or email us at [email protected]

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