St Patrick was from Wales!

The name of St Patrick is celebrated around the world – everyone knows the patron Saint of Ireland.  Facts about ancient saints are sometimes clouded in myth and legend, but we know for certain that Patrick is a real, historical figure. His writing still exists today, including his autobiography. But Patrick didn’t start in Ireland.

Cyfle Gwaith – Cynorthwyydd Personol / Prosiect

Cynorthwyydd Personol / Prosiect PENARTH, BRO MORGANNWG Rhan amser (20 awr), dros dro (11 mis) £12-15 yr awr, yn dibynnu ar brofiad Rydym yn chwilio am rywun dymunol, trefnus ac effeithlon ar gyfer rôl Cynorthwyydd Personol / Prosiect, a fydd yn ganolbwynt gweinyddol i brosiect twristiaeth/diwylliannol dynamig a chyffrous newydd yn Ne Cymru a fydd

project opportunity

Hello – there’s an opportunity to work with us! Because of continuing Covid-19 we’ve now re-shaped this project so that we will deliver a Landscapes of Faith Festival in March 2021 across South Wales. We’re starting to plan and produce this festival. Do you have experience as a project manager / project assistant on festival

job opportunity – personal / project assistant

Personal / Project Assistant PENARTH, VALE OF GLAMORGAN Part time (20 hours), temporary (11 months) £12-15 per hour, depending on experience A personable, well-organised and efficient person is sought to take the role of Personal / Project Assistant to become the administrative centre of a dynamic and exciting new tourism/cultural project in South Wales, that

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