Landscapes of Faith Festival – June 2021

runs every day in June Join the Landscapes of Faith Festival this June – follow it online or get involved in the community. All the festival activity will be Covid-19 safe. If there are government health restrictions we’ll still be streaming and posting the festival online. If it’s possible to safely meet and visit wonderful

St Patrick was from Wales!

The name of St Patrick is celebrated around the world – everyone knows the patron Saint of Ireland.  Facts about ancient saints are sometimes clouded in myth and legend, but we know for certain that Patrick is a real, historical figure. His writing still exists today, including his autobiography. But Patrick didn’t start in Ireland.

Cyfle Gwaith – Cynorthwyydd Personol / Prosiect

Cynorthwyydd Personol / Prosiect PENARTH, BRO MORGANNWG Rhan amser (20 awr), dros dro (11 mis) £12-15 yr awr, yn dibynnu ar brofiad Rydym yn chwilio am rywun dymunol, trefnus ac effeithlon ar gyfer rôl Cynorthwyydd Personol / Prosiect, a fydd yn ganolbwynt gweinyddol i brosiect twristiaeth/diwylliannol dynamig a chyffrous newydd yn Ne Cymru a fydd

First Minister drops in on zoom to celebrate Welsh St Patrick’s Day

He may be running the country during the worst pandemic in living memory but Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford took time out of his demanding schedule on St Patrick’s Day to join the village of Banwen and the Landscapes of Faith festival on a community zoom event marking Wales’ connections with St Patrick. The First Minister congratulated

exploring Merthyr Vale

I travelled upstream along the River Taf by train from Cardiff to explore Merthyr Vale by bike. I climbed a quiet mountain, discovered a little ruined 14th century site called Forest Chapel and saw a beautiful ancient carved Celtic stone in the church at the mountain town of Merthyr Tydfil. Please Note: People can now

Festival launch covered by BBC Radio Wales

We’re delighted that the Landscapes of Faith festival was featured by BBC Radio Wales last night. An four minute item on the Roy Noble show talked about how the First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford had taken part in the online zoom event that marked the festival’s first event in Banwen and heralded the four

Gŵyl Tirweddau Ffydd

bob dydd ym mis Mehefin 2021 Ymunwch â Gŵyl Tirweddau Ffydd ym mis Mehefin – gallwch ddilyn yr ŵyl ar-lein neu gymryd rhan yn eich cymuned. Bydd holl weithgareddau’r ŵyl yn Covid-19 ddiogel. Os bydd cyfyngiadau iechyd gan y llywodraeth, byddwn yn dal i ffrydio a phostio am yr ŵyl ar-lein. Os bydd modd i

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