St Patrick was from Wales!

The name of St Patrick is celebrated around the world – everyone knows the patron Saint of Ireland.  Facts about ancient saints are sometimes clouded in myth and legend, but we know for certain that Patrick is a real, historical figure. His writing still exists today, including his autobiography. But Patrick didn’t start in Ireland.

Cyfle Gwaith – Cynorthwyydd Personol / Prosiect

Cynorthwyydd Personol / Prosiect PENARTH, BRO MORGANNWG Rhan amser (20 awr), dros dro (11 mis) £12-15 yr awr, yn dibynnu ar brofiad Rydym yn chwilio am rywun dymunol, trefnus ac effeithlon ar gyfer rôl Cynorthwyydd Personol / Prosiect, a fydd yn ganolbwynt gweinyddol i brosiect twristiaeth/diwylliannol dynamig a chyffrous newydd yn Ne Cymru a fydd

job opportunity – personal / project assistant

Personal / Project Assistant PENARTH, VALE OF GLAMORGAN Part time (20 hours), temporary (11 months) £12-15 per hour, depending on experience A personable, well-organised and efficient person is sought to take the role of Personal / Project Assistant to become the administrative centre of a dynamic and exciting new tourism/cultural project in South Wales, that

St David in the Heart of Westminster

London’s Westminster Cathedral is a fabulous building. If this church was in a Mediterranean city you would have visited it on one of your holidays. But, tucked as it is, just off the pavement between London Victoria station and the UK Houses of Parliament the place remains for many a hidden gem. It is the

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