Festival Journeys in Landscapes of Faith South Wales – June 2021

Here’s the outline of the four journeys celebrating the Landscape of Faith across South Wales in June.
Please click on the links below to discover more information and how you can get involved.
Watch this space for further news of things to discover and explore:

JOURNEY 1: Strata Florida – Llantwit Major

the adventure begins

Tuesday June 1st – Sunday June 6th

01.06.21Tregarron – Strata Florida Abbey
02.06.21Llandewi Brefi – Discovering St David
03.06.21Defynnog – Europe’s ancient tree
04.06.21Swansea – Peace Mala
05.06.21The Celtic Coast – the ancient stones
06.06.21Llantwit Major – first journey ends at th
e Library at Llantwit
09.06.21 Cardiff – Llandaff

JOURNEY 2: Roman Road – Llantwit Major

St Patrick in Wales.

Friday June 11th – Tuesday June 15th

11.06.21Sarn Helen. – the Welsh Roman Road
12.06.21Banwen. St Patrick
13.06.21Banwen. St Patrick
14.06.21Rhondda, Ogwr, Garw, Llynfni. The South Wales Valleys
15.06.21Rhondda, Ogwr, Garw, Llynfni. The South Wales Valleys
16.06.21Llantwit Major. Second Journey ends with book launch


JOURNEY 3: Hay-on-Wye to Llantwit Major

Discovering Tydfil.

Friday June 18th – Tuesday June 22nd

18.06.21Capel-y-Ffin to Llangorse Lake
19.06.21Brecon. The story of Brychan and his children
20.06.21Merthyr Tydfil. Discovering Tydfil
21.06.21Pontypridd. The Rocking Stones
22.06.21Llantrisant to Llantwit Major

JOURNEY 4: Bristol – Barry

John Wesley and the world faiths of modern Wales.

Friday June 25th – Wednesday June 30th

25.06.21Bristol. The New Room and John Wesley’s first journey into Wales
26.06.21Abergavenny. The Roman town of Caerwent
27.06.21Newport & Carleon. The martyrdom by the Romans of Julius and Aaron
28.06.21Cardiff. Connected to the world
29.06.21Barry and the story of Barruc
30.06.21Llantwit Major. The opening of the multi-faith Landscapes of Faith Exhibition

There’ll be many more activities and stories to discover that we’ll be adding to the programme over the coming weeks and months until June.

Please let us know if you have any stories that you would like to share with us about your community [email protected]

Best wishes,

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